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Learn more about these durable and resilient floor coatings!

Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable and long-lasting flooring options available for homes and commercial businesses in the Fresno, California area! These floor coatings are designed to function in a variety of environmental settings, as they are hygienic, waterproof, and able to withstand extremely damaging factors like chemical spills. The surface of epoxy is also customizable, meaning you can transform your current floors into a stunning and aesthetically pleasing surface!

Our team of dedicated epoxy experts at Epoxy Flooring Fresno are able to quickly and efficiently install these strong floor coatings in both residential homes, commercial businesses, and industrial manufacturing settings. Adding an epoxy coating to your concrete floors can not only help to preserve the material, but can also help to fix cracks, stains, and other forms of damage.

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    Fresno, California

    Benefits of an Epoxy Floor Coating


    There are many advantages to choosing these versatile coatings!

    When you choose an epoxy coating for your Fresno home or business, you can transform the pre-existing material into a strong and aesthetically pleasing work of art! These floor coatings are easy to maintain and are able to resist damage from a variety of sources. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of these coatings and where they are commonly installed.


    Customizable Designs


    Epoxy coatings are one of the only flooring options that offer endless customization and design options to help make the surface a stunning work of art. One of our most popular variations of these coatings is metallic epoxy, which provides a unique finish on each installed floor. Metallic coatings not only have the bright and reflective surface that epoxy is known for but are also designed to mimic the movement of three-dimensional elements. This means that the surface of your floor can be designed to sparkle with metallic pigments, or even mimic the appearance of water or clouds. Reach out to us today to learn more about our unique metallic epoxy coatings in Fresno.


    Easy to Maintain


    One of the main advantages of choosing an epoxy coating for your Fresno home or business is the ease of maintenance required to keep these surfaces looking sleek. The required maintenance and upkeep for epoxy are incredibly simple, especially when compared to the expensive costs associated with traditional materials like wood or stone. On average, Fresno home and business owners should complete scheduled maintenance like sweeping the surface with a soft broom or using a wet mop to remove built-up grime. Epoxy installations are designed to be long-lasting, which helps to minimize upkeep costs over time.


    Strength and Durability


    Another incredible benefit of having epoxy installed over your concrete floors is the strength and durability the material can provide. Common flooring options like stone, wood, or tile require detailed maintenance to ensure the material has a good longevity and can stand up against damaging factors. This is what makes epoxy resin a great choice for both residential homes and commercial businesses, as the material can resist damage from high temperatures, spills, stains, cracking, and more. If you want to learn more about epoxy coatings and how they function, reach out to one of our experts today.

    Fresno, CA

    Epoxy Floor Coating Installations


    Learn more about the most common areas we work in to install epoxy flooring.


    Residential Epoxy Flooring


    Epoxy coatings are extremely popular installations in residential homes, specifically in areas such as garages, basements, studio workspaces, bathrooms, and more. These durable coatings can help Fresno homeowners to transform damp, unusable areas of their homes to a space that is functionable throughout the years. Some of our most common installations are in garages and basements, as the flooring material can help increase brightness and minimize effects from the freeze-thaw-cycle. Our residential epoxy flooring installations are competitively priced, so be sure to contact us for your free estimate.


    Commercial Epoxy Flooring


    Commercial business owners in Fresno trust epoxy coatings for their business space due to the simple maintenance and durability the material provides. No matter what type of commercial establishment you own, the floor is the foundation of your business and needs to be able to stand up against daily demands. Our signature epoxy coatings help to provide a bright and glossy finish, which can help to increase brightness in your store, make the area safer, and create an inviting atmosphere. We recommend all Fresno business owners to contact our team of epoxy contractors to learn more about these coatings.


    Industrial Epoxy Flooring


    Industrial and manufacturing environments are known to be harsh and may contain many damaging factors that standard flooring materials would not be able to withstand. With constant foot traffic, the use of heavy machinery like forklifts, and potentially severe chemicals, the floor of your industrial-based business needs to be able to function and retain integrity for years. One of the best flooring choices for an industrial setting is an epoxy floor coating that can protect the pre-existing material while also meeting the needs of your everyday business functions.


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