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Commercial businesses need a flooring solution that is able to withstand daily demands like heavy foot traffic and frequent cleaning. Many traditional flooring options found in these establishments are bare concrete or stone but these materials can be expensive and require frequent maintenance to preserve functionality. Our team of epoxy experts here at Epoxy Flooring Fresno have years of experience in the industry and can work with your specific preferences regarding design, additives, and overall goals for your new floor. We know that you not only need a floor that can stand up to your daily business functions but one that can also provide a bright and inviting aesthetic to your space.

When you choose one of our top-rated commercial epoxy floor coatings for your business in Fresno, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality of materials available along with fast and friendly service. We strive to reduce interruptions to your business during installation and are committed to helping you transform your current floors. Contact us via phone or email today and we can provide you with a free customized quote on our commercial epoxy services.

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    Commercial Epoxy Installation Areas


    Provides Exceptional Durability and Resistance

    While any commercial business in Fresno can benefit from an epoxy coating, there are certain environments that thrive with the installation of this material. Some of the most common installation areas include healthcare facilities, professional kitchens, and manufacturing plants. You can read more about these areas and the benefits of choosing commercial epoxy for your business below.


    Epoxy For Healthcare


    It’s common to see epoxy flooring installed in commercial healthcare settings like hospitals, laboratories, long-term care facilities, and many other areas. Epoxy is an excellent choice for these sensitive settings that uphold strict hygiene standards, as epoxy is seamless and works to reduce the number of bacteria that can grow on the surface. Thanks to the strength and overall resilience of a commercial epoxy coating, you will be able to transport heavy items like hospital machinery or patient beds without the concern of scratches or damage to the floor.

    Epoxy For Professional Kitchens

    Epoxy For Professional Kitchens


    Many restaurants and professional kitchens choose an epoxy coating as a way to preserve the pre-existing concrete slab and to keep all staff and guests safe in their business. One of the main advantages of epoxy in these environments is the slip-resistant surface they provide, which can help keep staff safe while working with hot items. You can also ensure that your food preparation area is clean and resistant to the growth of molds and bacteria thanks to the seamless surface of an epoxy coating. Cleaning up spills and sanitizing the floor is simple and easy thanks to the simplicity of epoxy’s recommended cleaning and maintenance.


    Epoxy For Manufacturing


    15. If your Fresno business revolves around manufacturing, you need a flooring solution that can stand up to the use of heavy machinery, storing large items, constant foot traffic, and harsh chemicals. When you have a flooring material like bare concrete or wood, these daily business functions can lead to wear and tear on the surface of the floor and can affect the longevity of the materials. Our epoxy coatings contain some of the strongest flooring materials available that will help to provide you with increased weight resistance, stain resistance, and functionality for years.

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    Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Flooring


    When you choose one of our top-rated epoxy coatings for your business, you can expect ample advantages to choosing this strong and resilient material.


    Increased Safety


    We know how important safety is for any commercial business, which is why epoxy is an excellent choice for any environment. These unique coatings provide a signature glossy and reflective surface that works to help increase brightness levels where installed without the use of additional lighting sources. This can help to prevent accidental slips and falls and lessen the risk of serious injuries. There are also additives that can be added to your epoxy coating that can increase slip resistance, even when wet! This is a great way to ensure your staff and customers are safe while visiting your business.


    Affordable Cost


    When compared to traditional flooring materials, epoxy is not only more affordable by the square foot but also for the overall installation cost. Along with the low price tag, commercial epoxy installations are designed to be long-lasting and permanent. This means that over time, you will save money on upkeep that is often required of materials like stone or bare concrete. These low up-front costs and maintenance costs throughout time can appeal to many business owners in Fresno, as it allows for more time and funds to be dedicated to other business needs.


    Improve Aesthetics


    Epoxy coatings are a great choice for commercial business owners that are looking to add a bright and inviting aesthetic to their space. These floors are known for their signature shiny and reflective surface, which helps to increase brightness and make the space feel more inviting. There are countless options available for design customization that can allow you to create a one-of-a-kind floor. Some of the most popular design options include metallic epoxy, along with the addition of business colors or logos added directly on the surface of the epoxy coating!


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